ZP19D Rotary Tablet Press

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ZP19D Rotary Tablet Press
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  • Punches:9

  • Max Pressure(KN):50
  • Max Tablet Diameter(mm):15

Product Description

ZP19D Rotary Tablet Press

Why choose ZP19D Rotary Tablet Press?

 With perfect quality and mature manufacturing craftZP19D is a pioneer tablet press  for pharmaceutical, chemical or food techinology industry to produce pellets in quantities. Due to its reasonable design, ZP19D is exactly simple to operate. when the turrent runs with 19 station of punches, the ZP19D produces of up to 45,000 pcs per hour, and it can be relied to satisfy  commercial demand in large produce scale for high quality pellets of a standardt weight.  Besides this, ZP19D is one of the fastest tablet pressing machines in ZP sereis, and is a natural choice for commerical producers.   


  • 1. Easy to operate
  • 2. Mechanical buffer unit equipped to prevent from overload damage
  • 3. Smoke powder box equipped to prohibit dust polution 
  • 4. 19 cutting heads giving mass production speed of up to 45,000 units per hour
  • 5. Highly effcienct-built-in powder suction unit recycles powder avoids wastage and keeps  dies free from obstrution
  • 6. Easily adjusted turrent speed
  • 7. 60KN max. pressure for durable, properly compacted, pharmaceutical grade pellets
  • 8. Highly reliable with rugged, industrial quality construction
  • 9. Easily adjusted pellet thickness up to 6mm thickness  


zp19rotary tablet press


ZP19D is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, especially for pressing large pills or tablets.

Pharmaceutical Chinese Herb Tablets; Western Tablet; Nutrients; Veterinary Drug etc. Food: Candy; Flake Coffee; Throat Lozenge; Chocolate Chips; Seasoner etc. Health Care: Buccal Tablets; Milk Powder; Calcium Tablet; Proplis Tablet etc. Battery: Electronic Component;  Button Battery etc. Chemical: Mothball; Fragrant Ball; Fertiliser Tablet; Mosquito-repellent etc.    

Technical Parameters

Type ZP19D
Station of Dies 19
Max. Pressure(kn) 60
Max. Diameter of Tablets(mm) 13
Max. Depth  of Filling(mm) 15
Max. Thickness  of Filling(mm) 6
Speed (rpm/m) 22-44
Capacity(pcs/h) 45000
Motor(Kw) 2.2
Dimension(mm) 760×750×1550
Weight(KG) 560

This price is for 1set ZP19 rotary tablet press machine with oil paint, free DHL shipping to USA.
If you come from another country, please contact us
and a new quotation will be given to you.

Product Video
  • KOS ZP19 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    KOS ZP19 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Product Application
pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, especially for pressing large pills or tablets
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