Water Treatment Equipment

  1. High-tech Gravity Automatic Valveless Filter

    The product application

    The valveless filter is mainly applied for the purification of various surface water with turbidity less than 3000 ml. / L. to supply domestic water or industrial water after treatment. It can also purify the industrial wastewater such as cooling water, mine water and circulating water and improve the reuse rate of water. 1.The side filtration treatment of industrial circulating cooling water of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, power plants, light industry, textile, dyeing. 2. Surface water purification, removal of iron and manganese in groundwater. 3. Filtering treatment in urban and township water works. 4. Pretreatment of softening and desalting treatment. 5. Purification treatment of swimming pool and fountain. 6.removed the suspended matter from wastewater, the organic sewage processed by biochemical treatment, the subsequent filtration after the secondary sedimentation tank and so on.


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