Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine

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Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine
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Product Description

Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine

Combined with advanced and mature manufacture technology,the Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine plays a key role in injection water preparation system, which is operated in high temperature and high pressure to ensure the stable production of non-pyrogen injection water to meet the strict requirements in safety and hygiene on the use of water for injection.The whole series of Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine are featured at simple control, stable operation, compact structure, and convenient maintenance after scientific and reasonable calculation to optimize its design. The machine adopts deionized water as raw water and steam for heating, PLC automatic touch-screen control, to realize man-machine dialogue and automatic recording, printing, monitoring, and automatic protection device for the whole working process.

Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine


1.High quality materials:The pressure vessel body and pipe which contact with distilled water and secondary pure steam,are made of 316L, and PTFE is used for sealing materials. Others including the machine frame are made of 304 stainless steel.

2. Three-level separation device: The raw water entering the equipment is processed by three separation procedure, falling liquid film evaporation, gravity separation, and special separation.

3.Electrochemical polishing: electrochemical polishing on the surface of stainless steel ensure the quality of water for injection and improve the service life of the equipment.

4.Double tube design: the external preheater, condenser and first-level evaporator are all double tube design, which is in line with the requirements of GMP, and effectively eliminates the possibility of medium pollution.

5.High quality seamless pipe for heat exchange tube: seamless pipe has better strength and durability, which can keep intact in welding, processing, expanding and the expansion and contraction , to avoid any industrial steam, feed water and cooling water leaking into distilled water.

6.Three-dimensional bending pipe: on pipe line design, stainless steel 3D bending tube is adopted to avoid welding.

7.Automatic welding: the connection between the pipe and the parts, the automatic argon path protection technology for welding is used to ensure the quality of the welding.

8.Heat Insulation: evaporator and preheater adopts mineral wool of free-chlorine, non asbestos as their insulation layer, with the stainless steel cladding.

9.only economic water pretreatment: no expensive purified water equipment is needed. The raw water only needs deionized water or reverse osmosis water with electrical conductivity less than 5 u S/cm.

10.Economic and energy saving: Because of the gradual utilization of the secondary steam in every effect, this machine has high utilization rate of industrial steam and obvious energy saving effect. With the increase of evaporator efficiency, the effect of energy saving is more obvious. At the same time, the amount of cooling water is also greatly reduced.

11. Control system: PLC automatic control technology achieve different control requirements of customers,from the basic judgement and distribution of distilled water quality, to more advanced function, such as adjustment of various media, linkage with storage system, grading password control and even control of evaporation change.

12.Paperless recording: paperless recording record the real production.

13.The whole machine performance test: we provide the whole machine test according to the determined program to simulate the actual working environment and carry out the whole machine test.

Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine

Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine

Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine

Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine

Process Flow

Multi-effect Distilled Water Machine

Raw water by industrial steam condensate in a heating effect into the preheater, the effect after the preheater is two steam condensed water (distilled water) to the condenser is heating; two, steam distilled water heating; and on the top of an evaporator by water diversion device, evenly distributed into the evaporation tube in the evaporation column of thin film formation tube of water; the water for thin so quickly evaporate, two steam; non evaporated raw water is transported to the next time, as evaporator of raw water, then the effect is similar, not evaporated into the next, until the last effect has not yet been evaporated that will serve as the condensed water discharge; the evaporated material water, is now two times continue to spiral steam in the evaporator, the upper special separation device, enter the pure steam pipeline, as a secondary effect of heat Two steam source; in effect by absorbing heat after condensed into distilled water; the effect of a similar process, two steam distilled water of each effect and the end effect of the condenser after collection, and cooling water, raw water and heat, cooling into distilled water; after the conductivity of on-line detection, distilled water as a qualified injection water output, distilled water unqualified will be discharged.

Technology parameters

Water outlet temperature:92-99℃
Steam utilization ratio:≤0.23
Utilization ratio of raw materials:≤1.15
Bacterial endotoxin:≤0.125

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