Stainless Steel Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine for Filling Domestic or Imported Capsules

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Stainless Steel Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine for Filling Domestic or Imported Capsules
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Product Description

Stainless Steel Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine for Filling Domestic or Imported Capsules

The machine is integrated with mechanical, electric and pneumatic components. A programmable logic controller with micro computer technology can convert the frequency with a touch screen. It can automatically perform the actions of the capsule shell placement, the separation, the filling and the locking so that labor intensity is reduced and the productivity is enhanced. Machine parts contacted with the material are all made of stainless steel, which meets the pharmaceutical hygiene requirements. It is an ideal equipment for filling domestic or imported capsules with accurate dosage and easy operation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Stainless Steel Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine for Filling Domestic or Imported Capsules

Stainless Steel Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine for Filling Domestic or Imported Capsules

Stainless Steel Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine for Filling Domestic or Imported Capsules

Stainless Steel Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine for Filling Domestic or Imported Capsules

Main Technical Parameters

Production capacity (pcs/h)


Total Power


Suitable Capsule

00-5#  Mechanism Standard Capsule 

Air PressureMpa


Air Supply




Overall Dimensionmm




Introduction of the main parts

1. Capsule shell placement mechanism
Capsule shell placement mechanism inserts the capsule shells into the tube. When the tube goes down driven by the sector gear, the reed switch below touches the iron, releasing a row of capsules (Seven capsules per row for 1#, 2#, 3#. Six capsules per row for 0#.) When the tube goes up again, the switch will shut the tube off.

Capsules that have fallen under the capsule comb are pushed forward by the pushing board to the turn-up position. The capsules are pushed downward with the heads down, turning upside down (with the body facing downwards and the cap facing upwards). Underneath the mold is the negative pressure airflow. When the capsule is pressed downward with the head down, leaving the capsule comb, the capsule is inhaled into the mold by the airflow. There is a small step in the mold hole to prevent the capsule cap from staying in the upper mold. The capsule body continues to slide down to the lower mold due to the vacuum. The mechanism completes the actions of capsule placement, turning and separation.

A single motor drives the cam, the rocker and the ratchet mechanism to operate this mechanism. For each rotation, the ratchet wheel propels one tooth (i.e. pushing the mold into a row of holes.) At the same time, the cam drives the rocker to make the sector gear run a cycle. The mechanism is equipped with automatic counting control. When the mold is filled with capsules, the mechanism automatically shuts down. It can be stopped manually when necessary. The speed of the machine is adjusted by the rotary switch and button of converter on the console. And an instrument display is equipped to show the speed.

In case of incomplete separation of some capsules, the mold can be moved 2 to 3 rounds by hand to achieve complete separation under vacuum adsorption.

A random mold is equipped along with the machine. To purchase other molds please see the accessory catalogue.

The 0# equipment has 6 holes in each row. The capsule mold has 6 × 60 = 360 holes. The thimble set has 360 thimbles. The capsule pushing head, the capsule pushing board, the capsule comb, the switch and the turning device have 6 rows.
The 1#, the 2#, the 3# equipment have 7 holes in each row. The capsule mold has 7 × 60 = 420 holes. The thimble set has 420 thimbles. Their accessories have 7 rows.

Fittings: The 0# equipment is suitable for 6 capsules and the 1#, the 2#, the 3# equipment are suitable for 7 capsules. If one more capsule is found or one capsule is missing when the capsules come out from the turning groove, a J-type wrench or a sharp beak can be used for adjustment. To adjust the position of the capsule pushing board, first loosen the connecting screw, then move the pushing board. Adjust the cutting edge of the capsule pushing head to the 1/2 part of the total length of the capsule and then tighten the connecting screw.

2. Filling mechanism:
This mechanism is used to automatically put the medicinal material into the empty capsules in the capsule mold in sequence. The hopper is equipped with a stepless speed regulation motor (the instrument display shows the rotation speed), which drives the propeller to force the medicinal material into the empty capsules.

The stepless speed regulation motor also drives the lower turn-plate that rotates the mold. The mold runs under the feeding inlet for one rotation, controlled by the photoelectric counter (setting 30 times). When pressing “Filling” (ON) to start, the air cylinder pushes the hopper to the mold. When the hopper is in place, the motors of the turn-plate and the hopper function automatically. Automatically, the mold stops after one rotation while the air cylinder returns to its original position.

If the hopper is moving too fast or too slow, adjust the two one-way throttle valves at the interface of the solenoid valve to make the right speed. If the hopper is not in place when the motor starts or it does not start when the hopper is in place, adjust the time relay on the computer control board and make it start in one second. The adjustment of the filling volume depends on the filling volume and the mobility of the medicinal material. The motor speed of the hopper and turn-plate can be adjusted. Set the counter to 60 or 90 and the default setting to 30 when the medicinal material is hard to be filled in the capsules.

3. Locking mechanism:

The mechanism is to lock the two filled halves together (the upper capsule and the lower capsule). The foot valve performs the action of pushing the air cylinder of the capsules, pushing the capsule mode. The thimble reset pushes out capsules into the capsule box.

4. Air control system

The pressure of the system is 0.4 ~ 0.7MPa. The compressed air sent from the pump will be sent to the foot valve and the solenoid valve after being processed by FRL.

4.1 The first step of FRL is to filter air. The second step is to adjust the pressure. The third step is to lubricate the air control system by gasify the machine oil. It is set to spray a drop of oil (regular machine oil) every 1 to 3 minutes.

4.2 The foot valve controls the action of locking the air cylinder. When the foot valve is stepped on, the locked air cylinder is pushed out, keeping the capsules locked. When the foot valve is not stepped on, the piston of the air cylinder retracts.

4.3 The electrical system controls the solenoid valve and the action of filling the hopper. And the outlet of the solenoid valve is equipped with two one-way throttle valves to control the speed of the running and speed of the air cylinder.

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