KOSBEST Lab Small Colloid Mill Machine Soymilk Grinding Machine Coconut milk Grinding

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KOSBEST Lab Small Colloid Mill Machine Soymilk Grinding Machine Coconut milk Grinding
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Product Description

Specifications of Kos-JM04 3D Colloid Mill: 

Name: Food grade Small stereo colloid mill, Vertical Colloid Mill, lab colloid mill

Model No.: Kos-JM04

Material: Stainless Steel 304/316L

Working type: High speed universal grinding machine

Power: 1.1-18.5kw

Voltage: 220v/380v/customized

Machine type: Disc Grinder

Speed: 2800rpm

Emulsified size: 2-40um

Output: 0.01-10t/h

Inlet diameter: 30-100mm

Outlet diameter: 20-38mm

Usage: Food ,chemical , pharmacy , peanut butter , beverage , ects

Grinding basket capacity:  4-20(L)

Processing batch: 10-4000 (L)

Medium size : 20 (mm)

Appearance dimension: 270*500*700m

Weigt: 55-400Kg


OEM: Available

Working Princple: 
Grinding relies on the relative movement of the toothed upper of the disc, one of which rotates at a high speed and the other that rests to allow the material to pass through the shearing and frictional forces of the material between the bevels of the teeth, while at the same time vibrating at high frequencies. Under the action of complex forces such as high-speed vortex, the material can be ground, emulsified, pulverized, homogenized and mixed to obtain fine and ultra-fine benefits.
Stainless steel food grade colloid mill results characteristics:
1.The colloid mill works by a pair of conical rotating teeth and the fixed teeth for relative movement. The material passes through the gap between the fixed rotating teeth and is subjected to shearing force, friction force, centrifugal force and high-frequency vibration to achieve the crushing, Emulsification, homogenization, dispersion.
1.KOSBEST colloid mill contact material is made of stainless steel material, which has good corrosion resistance and no pollution to medicine, food and chemical raw materials.
2.The motor of the split colloid mill is separated from the grinding base. It has the characteristics of good stability, convenient operation and long service life of the motor. It will not cause the phenomenon that the material leaks and burns the motor. With labyrinth seal, no wear, corrosion resistance and less failure. By changing the transmission ratio by the pulley drive, the rotation speed can be increased to make the material pulverize more finely.
3.KOSBEST vertical colloid mill directly drives the rotating tooth by special long shaft motor, which is compact in structure, light in weight and small in footprint.
4.KOSBEST vertical colloid mill solves the problem that the small colloid mill can not work continuously due to insufficient power and poor sealing performance. Its overall structure is compact, small in size, light in weight, reliable in sealing structure, and can work continuously for a long time. The motor voltage is 220V, which is especially suitable for small businesses and laboratory work.
5.All kinds of colloid mills work smoothly, with little vibration, and can be used to fix the machine without foundation.
Product Details of Kos-JM04 Colloid Mill: 
1.Stereo colloid mill
Circulating tube: suitable for dilute materials, and requires cyclic reflow, such as soy milk, mung bean beverage and so on.
2.The size of the colloid mill determines how much it produces.
The flow rate of the colloid mill is not constant, and the flow rate of the materials of different concentrations and viscosities varies greatly. For example, the same equipment, when dealing with viscous lacquer materials and milk fluids, can flow more than 10 times.
3.How much is the output is determined by the concentration and viscosity of the material
The main structure of the alternating membrane consists of three parts: the core part, the base transmission part and the special motor. The dynamic grinding and static grinding of the core part are the key parts of the machine, so the selection may vary depending on the nature of the material being processed.
4.Sanitary food grade stainless steel
The colloid mill has the characteristics of compact design, beautiful appearance, good sealing, stable performance, convenient operation and high production efficiency.
5.Colloid mill is an ideal processing equipment for processing fine materials.
Colloid mill products are compact in design, beautiful in appearance, good in sealing, stable in performance, convenient in operation and high in production efficiency.
6.Stainless steel stator and rotor grinding with high speed 
One of them rotates at a high speed, and the other is stationary, so that the material receives great shear and friction through the material between the toothed uppers.
Application of Kos-JM04 Colloid Mill: 
1.Precision material handling in the food and chemical industry:
Chemical Industry: Paints, coatings, lubricants, adhesives, detergents, synthetic leather, etc.
Daily chemical industry: toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, shoe polish, high-grade cosmetic soap, etc.
Other industries: plastics industry, textile industry, paper industry, rare earths, nano materials, etc.
2.Reprocessing of meat and seafood products, ultra-fine dispersion of nano-materials: deep processing of fruit and vegetable cereals
Food industry: aloe vera, coconut juice, chili sauce, sesame, ice cream, mooncake stuffing, jam bean paste, dairy products, soy milk, condiments, various foods and drinks, etc.
Pharmaceutical industry: various types of syrup, nutrient solution, proprietary Chinese medicine, cod liver oil, royal jelly, various oral liquids, various ointments
Please Note: Customers can customize the dimension of inlet and outlet based their own production actual production requirements, Any question welcome email to kosbest@foxmail.com .
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Product Application
Kos-JM04 3D Colloid Mill machine is widely used in Food, Chemical, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical Industries.
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