Kos-JB16 Sanitary Liquid Mixing Tank Sealed Insulation Tank Tomato Paste Fermentation Tank

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Kos-JB16 Sanitary Liquid Mixing Tank Sealed Insulation Tank Tomato Paste Fermentation Tank
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Product Description

Specifications for Kos-JB16 Three Layer Sealed Mixing Tank

Name: Food Grade Three Layers Of Sealed Mixing Tank, Food Grade Three Layers Of Sealed Mixing Tank

Mixer Type: Homogenizer

Model No.: Kos-JB16

Machine Type: Electric/cooling

Additional Capabilities: Milling

Mixer Type: Homogenizer

Application: Liquid, cosmetic, food, chemical

Material: Food Grade Stainless Steel 304 or 316

Max. Loading Capacity: 5000L

Power supply: electrical, 0.75KW~22KW

Dimension(L*W*H): customized

Speed: 2800rpm

Cylinder Size: 1060*1220mm~1810*2000mm

Total Height: 2950mm~4130mm

Dim for inlet/outlet: customized

Layout form: vertical

Stirring method: Forced stirring

Working mode: Continuous operation

Mix drum shape: drum type

Each processing range: discharging 1000-3000L (L)

Production capacity: 100-5000 (L)

Tank capacity: 100-5000(L)

OEM: Welcome

Warranty: 1 year

Working Princple for Kos-JB16 Mixing Tank: 

Hygienic magnetic stirrers are designed for GMP retrofits in the pharmaceutical, bioengineering and food industries. Excellent performance, reasonable structure, small size and reliable use. Mainly composed of internal magnetic steel, external magnetic steel, isolation sleeve and transmission motor. It is suitable for agitating devices for various stainless steel reaction tanks and liquid tanks.
The contact part of the sanitary magnetic stirrer is made of 316/304 stainless steel material, and the working principle of the permanent magnet coupling is used to drive the stirring shaft to work. The static mechanical seal is replaced by a static isolation seal of the welded isolation sleeve, which completely solves the disadvantages of running, running and dripping which cannot be avoided by the mechanical seal.


Structure Instruction for Kos-JB16 Mixing Tank: 

1. The mixing tank is composed of a mixing tank body, a mixing tank cover, a stirrer, a support, a transmission device, a shaft sealing device.
2. Materials such as mixing tank, mixing tank cover, agitator, shaft seal, etc. can be made of stainless steel and other materials according to different process requirements.
3. The Mixing tank body and the mixing tank cover can be Flange seal connection or welded connection. Also they can be fed according to customers’ process requirements.
4. Process pipe holes for discharging, observation, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, steam fractionation, safe venting, etc.
5. The upper part of the mixing tank cover is equipped with a stirrer driven by a transmission (motor or reducer) and driven by a drive shaft.
6. The shaft sealing device can be in various forms such as machine seal or packing, labyrinth seal, etc. (It can be customized based on customers requirements).
7. Due to the different production process requirements of the user, the agitator can be configured in various forms such as slurry, anchor, frame, and spiral.

Product Characteristics for Kos-JB16 Mixing Tank:


1.Sanitary Stainless Steel

The contact part with the material is made of thick and strong brushed stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and anti-oxidation, beautiful in appearance and easy to clean.

2.Strong Power

Pure copper motor, low noise, stable power, continuous operation.

3.Double Layer Stirring Agitator: 

The disc type stirring agitator has high shearing performance and it is suitable for dispersion mixing with two kinds of physical properties.

4.Machinery Seal

Prevents leakage of gas and has a long service life

Features for Kos-JB16 Sealed Mixing Tank: 

1. The dynamic mechanical seal is replaced by a static isolation seal with a welded isolation sleeve, which completely solves the problem of dynamic mechanical seal leakage.
2. The structure is simple, easy to dismantle, easy to clean, no dead ends.
3. The bottom device is agitated and can be stirred in the case of less material. The mixing blade is unique in design and can be mixed and mixed with various media.
4. Working Temperature range: -30℃-200℃
5. Material: 316/304 Stainless Steel 
6. Working Pressure: 0.09 - 0.8MPa
7. Reducer: Vertical or horizontal
8. Optional description: Must understand the viscosity change and density change of the medium, working temperature, working pressure
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Product Application
KOSBEST Mixing device can be used for various stainless steel reaction tanks and liquid tanks. Applicable to occasions with high flammability, explosive, easy to leak and high sealing requirements
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