Kos-230 Emulsifying Pumps In Line Homogenizer Mixer for Cosmetic Industry

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Kos-230 Emulsifying Pumps In Line Homogenizer Mixer for Cosmetic Industry
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Product Description

Item Specifics:

Machine Type: Emulsifier Material: 304(L) or 316(L)
Brand Name: KOS Power: Electric
Model Number: KOS-230 Voltage: 220V
Motor Power: 1.5KW Is-Customed: Yes
Application: Cosmetics Production Type: Continuous


Product Description:

Kos-230 high shear pumps are all-purpose compound and emulsifier equipment with advanced manufacture technical in the world. Its professional technic and manufacture precision can approach international similar product. The main parts are stators and rotors. At the centrifugal and fluid forces created by the rapid turning of the rotors, the stators exercise on the materials strong powertor shearing, centrifugal pressing, breaking, fluid friction, turbulent homogenizing and the solid, fluid and volatile materials are quickly refined, homogenized, disaggregated and emulsified. the repeat of this process can result in stable and high-quality products. These serial products can greatly simplify the traditional processes and upgrade the production efficiency and product quality.

Product Display:

Kos-230 Emulsifying Pumps In Line Homogenizer Mixer for Cosmetic Industry

Kos-230 Emulsifying Pumps In Line Homogenizer Mixer for Cosmetic Industry

Kos-230 Emulsifying Pumps In Line Homogenizer Mixer for Cosmetic Industry


1. Strong self-priming ability, continuous dispersing and emulsifying effect is good, CIP cleaning design.

2, Rotate speed up to 3000 rpm, can through the efficient energy-saving environmental protection Variable-frequency Drive achieve speed regulation.

3, Full stainless steel body design and manufacture, optional Siemens motor, optional sanitary stainless steel motor hood.

4, The rotor & stator with a single forging material CNC machining center manufacturing, high precision, high linear speed, smooth operation.

5, The use of double-ended mechanical seal design, no leakage, safe and reliable, reduce maintenance costs; jacket cooling design the machine can run for a long time.

6, Can be provided in accordance with the actual needs of a variety of connection types, Flange, SMS quick-coupler, etc., products can be customized used for special pressure and special temperature environment, optional imported pressure buffer and mechanical seal water full or shortage protection system.


Application Range:

1, Emulsifying

The main purpose of using the emulsification machine is to emulsify the material. Generally speaking, the emulsifying process is more applied in the fields of ointment, face creams, lotions, emulsions, emulsified asphalt, pesticides, fragrances and so on.

2, Mixing

The use of high shear emulsifier can also achieve the homogeneous mixing process of different materials, mainly in the detergent, yogurt, dessert, syrup, ink, dyes and other areas.

3, Homogenizing

In the fields of juices, inks, jams, creams, lotions, ointments, dairy products, emulsifying machine is used to homogenize the raw materials, thereby improving the quality of the finished product.

4, Dispersing

In the production of suspensions, coatings, paints, lipsticks, catalysts, pigments, asphalt, soups, etc., emulsifying machine can be used for material dispersion process, thereby promoting the smooth progress of the following processes.


Before you place an order, please contact us, we can custom make emulsifying homogenizer machine for all your request.


1. What kind of material do you want to process?

2. What's the capacity?

3. What is it used for? Mixing, dispersing, shearing or homogenizing?


Technical Parameter:

Model Power(kw) Speed(rpm) Flow(m3/h)
KOS-230 1.5 2800 0-1.5
KOS-240 2.2 2800 0-3
KOS-250 4 2800 0-4
KOS-260 5.5 2800 0-5
KOS-270 7.5 2800 0-8
KOS-280 11 2800 0-12
KOS-290 15 2800 0-18
KOS-300 22 2800 0-25
KOS-310 30 2800 0-35
KOS-320 45 2800 0-50
KOS-330 55 2800 0-75
KOS-340 75 2800 0-90
KOS-350 90 2800 0-110
KOS-360 132 2800 0-130


Inline Homogenizer Working System:

Inline homogenizer structure diagram


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