What Should Be Paid Attention to in Processing Herbal Medicine


What should be paid attention to in processing herbal medicine? Here are two aspects we’d like to talk about.

 What Should Be Paid Attention to in Processing Herbal Medicine

Fire Prevention, Mould Proofing, Corrosion Prevention, Frostbite Prevention

In the process of processing herbal medicine, the herbal medicine roaster cannot work without water or fire and the screening machine is used to ensure safety and the quality of drugs. Therefore, we must pay attention to fire prevention, mould proofing, corrosion prevention and frostbite prevention.


1.Fire prevention: The fire should be extinguished when the work is finished. After the medicinal materials are carbonized by stir-frying or calcined, they should be placed on the ground for cooling. The drying room needs to be managed to prevent fire disasters.


2.Mould proofing: When moistening medicinal materials in the wet season, we should have a check and turn over them frequently in order to avoid mildew. While cutting the materials, they should be dried to avoid mildew.


3.Corrosion prevention: The water should be changed regularly for soaking medicinal materials. Especially in summer, the herbal medicine washing machine needs to change the water for 1 to 3 times a day.


4.Frostbite prevention:

Water processed medicine should be placed in a warm place to prevent the internal air loose and the wrinkle of the outer skin after being frozen. Fresh drugs should be prevented from frostbite and deterioration.


Tool Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of tools is related to the quality and efficiency of the processing. Improper management of tools often leads to damage, causes waste and affects work. Iron tools, such as the cutting machine, cutting knife and frying pan, should be washed and dried after use without using oil to prevent rust. Bamboo wooden tools such as the bamboo screen, dustpan and table, should be often washed to remove dirt.