We Do Not Always Take Herbal Medicine While It Is Hot

“The herbal medicine is already boiled. Take it now, or it will become cold.” This is what people hear most during their body conditioning and drinking of traditional Chinese medicine. It seems to be our deep-rooted idea that Chinese medicine must be drunk with heat. Is that true? In view of this question, a veteran doctor of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) says that the traditional Chinese medicine theory stresses the temperature of the decoction. There are at least a dozen of instructions about how to take it and there is warm-taken decoction, hot-taken decoction and cold-taken decoction specific to the temperature. Generally, the decoction should be taken warm when it is between 30℃ and 37℃. Besides, Chinese patent medicine such as pills and bulk medicine should be taken with warm water. The decoction that helps drive away cold should be taken hot. After taking medicine, hot porridge and water should be taken for the medicine to produce the desired effect. But for the decoction that aims at clearing heat and detoxicating, especially the one relieving summer-heat, it should be taken cold for better effect.

Nowadays, there are other ways to take Chinese herbs apart from the decoction. For instance, we have the round herb pill making machine to make TCM into pills. We also have the automatic capsule filling machine to fill crushed TCM into capsules. As TCM is following the progress of the times to learn western medicine, Chinese medicine will not be so difficult to swallow any more.