Natural Sweeteners Are Expected to Become a New Bright Spot in China’s Export of APIs


So far, the main export products of China’s API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) manufacturers are still dominated by bulk products, but some of them are already saturated in the international market. Therefore, the possibility of a big increase is very small. However, some API products such as adriamycin and epirubicin are in short supply, indicating that there is huge demand for antineoplastic drugs and great room for growth in foreign countries. There are also some superior products of our export antineoplastic products, including paclitaxel, semisynthetic paclitaxel, camptothecin, extract of zedoary turmeric oil and extract of Brucea javanica, and natural anticancer drug products such as podophyllotoxins, which are very popular among buyers in the international market.

China’s API, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturers

In addition, noncaloric natural sweeteners are popular API products in the international market. For example, stevioside, mogroside and glycyrrhizin are in short supply. The export amount of stevioside exceeded $1 billion 3 years ago. Moreover, the demand for noncaloric natural sweeteners in the west is still rising rapidly. As a result, natural sweeteners are expected to become a new bright spot in China’s export of APIs.