Herbal Medicine Washing Machine and Roaster Provide Convenience for Traditional Chinese Medicine


What is herbal medicine washing machine?

The herbal medicine washing machine adopts cylinder rotation mode. The feed inlet, discharge hole and cylinder are all made of stainless steel plates. The machine is equipped with a high-pressure water pump for spraying and the tap water can be used directly for washing, which adapts to the difficulty of the cleaning of different Chinese herbs. Materials are pushed forward by the inner spiral guide plate with the implementation of continuous production lines and automatic discharging so that special materials can be washed repeatedly until they are clean.


What is the the herbal medicine roaster?

While the herbal medicine washing machine is used for cleaning herbs only, the herbal medicine roaster helps to dry the herbs quickly. It is used for Chinese herb processing of various kinds of herbal medicine such as plain-frying, sand frying, stir-baking with bran, vinegar frying, carbonizing by stir-frying, honey frying and so on. The pot can be thickened to forge medicine. The colour and lustre of the fried products is good and uniform, so this machine is the ideal equipment for frying and processing.

 Herbal Medicine Washing Machine and Roaster Provide Convenience for Traditional Chinese Medicine

With these two machines, the production of Chinese herbs is greatly facilitated to meet the needs of the market for traditional Chinese medicine. Some important raw materials need to be cleaned and dried before being put into the screening machine. The emergence of the cleaning machine is extremely good for the cleaning of herbal medicine. Of course, there are also other devices such as the herb crushing machine and the oscillating granulator, which can be used in the processing and production of herbal medicine.