Extension and Domestic Growth Help the Development of Pharmaceutical Companies

In recent years, the position of medicine in the field of large consumption has become increasingly important. The dances between the pharmaceutical industry and capital have also been getting better.
Development of Pharmaceutical Machinery Companies

Fu Qiushi, Founding Partner of Phoenix Investment, with a score of 58 points for BCI (Biopharmaceutical Competitiveness & Investment). Although the development of biomedicine industry in China is relatively late, it is estimated that the average growth rate of China's biopharmaceutical market in 2015-2020 will be 18%, higher than the global growth rate of 12%, because China has highly supported the biopharmaceutical industry in terms of talents, capital and policies.

He also mentioned that domestic biopharmaceuticals have the opportunities for antibody and cell therapy. China needs a reasonable and sound capital market grading platform in order to meet the needs of innovative pharmaceutical companies in China for financing. In the next five years, there are two key words in China's biopharmaceutical market: internationalization + innovation / imitation creation, "going global" + "bringing in". We all look forward to a more reasonable and sound direct financing channel in the future and a flexible and pragmatic regulatory and policy system.

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