LGZ Flat-panel Centrifuge

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LGZ Flat-panel Centrifuge
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Product Description

LGZ Flat-panel Centrifuge

With obvious feature, high effective and cost-saving, LGZ Centrifuge is used to separate solid from liquid in various industries with its high performance .when materials are fed into the drum from the feeding tube on sealed enclosure, under the centrifugal force field, the liquid-phase is discharged through the filter media machine while solid-phase materials are trapped in the drum, and then opened the lid to discharge from the top after the machine stops. The case, including lid can be manually or electrically turned over 90 degree, thereby exposing the entire drum part. It’s easy to unload. Clean and replace filter media and do other operations. Stainless steel parts of the machine are all polished, and there is no blind angle therefore it’s easy to clean and effectively prevent accumulation of residue. In addition, since centrifuge drum is mounted directly on the motor shaft without clutch, V-belt, mechanical brake components, especially applicable to inflammable, explosive, poisonous occasions.

LGZ Flat-panel Centrifuge

LGZ Flat-panel Centrifuge

Features & Main Technology Adopted:

LGZ Flat-panel Centrifuge

1.Flat-panel structure and liquid damping technology: Application of flat-panel structure make machine center of gravity lower to ensure more stable operation, flat-panel, not only a base but an operating platform, provide more convenient operation; liquid damping technology ,make the centrifuge of excellent vibration isolation and vibration damping performance; the four-point supporting structure, bear larger distance; no basic installation, easy to machine installation and maintenance.

2.The independent swash plate distributing materials device: instead of the traditional intermediate feeding or side feeding method, this centrifuge adopt the advanced technology , to greatly improve the uniformity and operability of the feeding , and it can be connected with the electric control system to realize automatic control.

3. Gas backflushing and gas assisted scraper device: the application of this new technology can minimize the residual filter cake, so that the filter cloth can be regenerated.

4. Nitrogen protection system: the nitrogen protection system is to ensure the machine running in a safe environment.

5. Large clamshell structure and on-line cleaning devices: complied with GMP standards, , the centrifuge cover is design into a large turnover structure for more convenient maintenance and installation of filter cloth; cleaning device is arranged in the inner cavity of the centrifuge, which provide online cleaning during the operation and the preparation of the centrifuge according to different technical requirements , and effectively eliminate contamination between different batches.

6. Humanization design: basic structure, wide operation platform, portable turning device, automatic cleaning device, setting for explosion-proof lamp, observation mirror and relative cleaning device, and various warning signs, makes both operation and maintenance more simple and convenient, and fully embodies the humanized design thoughts in the whole design.

7. The latest safety protection device: during the design and manufacture, it is fully carried out the concept of "Security is First" in strength calculation, life-serving check, or safety devices settings, for setting up a series of mechanical and electrical interlock protection device, such ad excessive vibration protection, over-temperature protection, material layer control, scraper travel protection, off cap protection, , making the machine in a safe state when working.

8.Automatic human-computer interface control: Via the PLC, touch screen, frequency converter, dynamic braking, pneumatic or hydraulic system, corresponding program according to different requirements can be designed to run the machine automatically by using advanced application program, which can be more convenient to modify and make the interface more humane. Besides, through the network,remote control can be realized, as well as unmanned operation, meeting the requirements for modern production equipment. Equipment failure auto-diagnosis system provide a more convenient and efficient timely solution for failures that occurs during the operation.

9. Pneumatic form: taking sanitation and hygiene into consideration, the pneumatic form is applied, and all automatic moving components adopt pneumatic system , to effectively avoid the leakage of oil pollution on the materials and meet cleanliness requirements in pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and food industry.

10、Surface treatment technology: both appropriate processing technology for surface polishing, grinding, pickling, passivation and other craft on the work piece , and corresponding treatment technology to weld, inner bore, thread, fastening structure, are taken to ensure that the surface state of this machine in line with the relevant requirements of GMP standards.

Standard Manufacturing Configuration

1. Structure: Shell configuration flip and the feed pipe, wash pipe, mirrors, exhaust, lighting hole; closed structure, and the drum and the shell, flip and other components of stainless steel (SUS304) manufacturing. Stand such as cast parts, coated stainless steel lining. The drum shell, inside and outside surfaces, the machine parts exposed surfaces polished.
2. All fasteners for stainless steel.
3. PLC control for convenient operation.
4. Electromechanical material process control.
5. Swash plate fabric stand-alone device.
6. Transmission and brake: Normal motor (or explosion-proof motor) + inverter + power consumption brake.
7. Pneumatic system.
8. non-infrastructure (balanced block & advanced high-precision liquid damping shock absorber).

Device for Choice
1、On-line Cleaning System.
2、Nitrogen protection system.
3、Touch screen control.
4、Hydraulic motion system.
5、Gas assisted scraper.
6、Lateral fabric device.
7、Separation of materials according to user requirements using the corresponding anti-corrosion materials (SUS304, 316,316 L, 321, etc.) or titanium (TA), or surface lining PE, HALAR so.
8、Over vibration protection devices.
9、Off Cap protection device.
10、Explosion-proof button on the site.
11、Transmission and brake: explosion-proof motor + inverter + power consumption brake.


This machine can be widely used in pharmacy, light industry, food and chemical industry, including the fine-grained solid phase suspension separation and dehydration. Such as food additives, chemical seasonings, sodium glutamate, pesticides, antibiotics, pharmaceutical intermediates, vitamins, Chinese medicine, activated carbon, dyes intermediates, pigments and so on.

Technical Parameters







Diameter of drum(mm)






Drum volume(L)





Max loading weight(kg)





Rotary speed of drum(r/min)





Separation factors





Engine power(kw)















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Product Application
LGZ Centrifuge is widely used in pharmacy, light industry, food and chemical sectors, including the fine-grained solid phase suspension separation and dehydration, such as food additives, chemical seasonings, sodium glutamate, pesticides, antibiotics, pharmaceutical intermediates, vitamins, Chinese medicine, activated carbon, dyes intermediates, pigments and so on.
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